When I first stepped in front of a microphone to "read" a poem I wrote in 2004, I didn't know that would be the start of an incredible journey that would lead us to theaters and venues throughout the country. And yet here we are, with over 600 universities under our belt, still in love with this artform I found so many years ago. 

Words. It has the power to move and inspire; the power to reframe thought; the power to change lives. But when we step on that stage, those have never been our goals. We don't "aim" to make someone feel something. Our job- our only job- is to tell a story wrapped in music and let everything fall as they may. Sometimes these stories are full of joy and exuberance. Sometimes they're full of heartbreak and sadness. Sometimes they're pretty. Sometimes they're ugly. But no matter what, it will always be beautiful.

So I hope you listen to our stories. I'm sure you will find yourself in one of them. Then maybe you'll understand why we started doing this in the first place: to remind everyone that we are all on this journey together and no one should have to face anything alone.

See you all on the road.
Asia Samson