I was gone for 2 weeks on tour. Came home yesterday & I fly out again in the morning. Today was the only day I had with the family.

So last night I told Aris that I’ll pick him up fr school today & after we can all go to lunch & then do some shopping. He got mad excited because this morning he’s like, “Daddy pick me up fr school today!”

When I got to the school they were in the cafeteria about to each lunch. Teacher tells me, “He said he didn’t want to start eating because you were coming soon.” I told her yeah, I promised him we would go out after I pick him up. She says, “Yeah, we know. He’s been talking about it since he got here. He kept telling everyone daddy was picking him up from school today.”

And now I can't help but think about his excitement all day. I can't help but think about how when we make promises to kids, it becomes their whole world. It's all they think about and as much as we think the excitement will pass, it really doesn't. I also can't help but think about other children who are continuously let down by promises adults can't keep and how disheartening it must be to them. I imagine them like I imagine my own son...telling everyone how excited they are only for the time to come and they are- once again- let down. 

I say all that to say...pleas fulfill your promises to kids. Don’t say things just to make them happy & then not come through. They remember these things. It’s these things that will determine the difference between them growing up a person of integrity or a person who doesn’t trust anyone. 

Sometimes we think we can just dismiss the promises we make to our kids thinking they’ll forget about it later anyway. I don’t ever want to do that. I want him to learn how to become a man of his word. I want him to learn that when a promise is made, the expectation is for that promise to be fulfilled. 

Tonight, while I was wiping him down after his bath, he randomly hugs me & says, “I love you daddy.” I told him I love him too & that I’ll always love him.

Now THAT’S a promise that’s easy to keep.