Today, I finished up my 2-week midwest tour with an amazing show at NE Wisconsin Tech and it was EVERYTHING. So many came out and I sold almost all my merch.

After the show, as we were leaving the building, a girl came running up to us with a bag in hand and said she bought us some stuff at the bookstore just as a thank you for coming out.

Last night a group of people drove two hours to watch our show. Before that, we've had other students from one school show up to our show at another school that's also about a couple hours away.

Something has been happening lately that I can't put my finger on but it seems as though we've been gaining a kind of following that has been such a blessing lately. And it's a blessing I've needed specially when doubt creeps in as to whether it's worth doing what I'm doing.

Put simply, thank you to all the new fans and also the loyal fans we've had for years. You've given me a life I never imagined and I am so thankful to all of you.