Today I went to get breakfast before my errands. First off, the line was hella long cuz someone wanted to order an entire breakfast for, like, 200 people- like he's feeding a small country- & he's doing all this in the drive-through! #DamnDudeGoInside!! After getting my food I look in & realize they never gave me napkins (Because they never do!) Then I find they got my order wrong. Then when I look at my coffee, I find that that was wrong too. Like forreal? The entire order??

So I pull off to the front of the building to head inside. I kept pulling at the restaurant door only to find that side is locked. But as I'm pulling it & it won't budge, I'm dropping my bag of food. When I went down to pick it up, my other hand drops my keys. Then finally a lady opens the other door & as I try to go in, I drop everything again while the door is swinging closed on me. I just couldn't get my bearings & I'm getting clumsy AF. Now I'm irritated & ready to start hurling this wrong order of donuts at people like ninja stars.

But then the lady (who just opened the door) steps out & as she keeps the door open for me she asks, "Bad day huh??" & I'm like, "Yeah, it's only 8am & alrdy I'm going through it." And that's when she says, "It always starts out like that. One little thing sets the rest in motion. So whatever you do next, whatever words you speak, do it positively & happily. Break the cycle."

Then she leaves. Just. Like. That.