It all began when we started Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover plan. One of the key things in there was to get rid of the unnecessary spending, buckle down and look at the great picture. Also, to rid yourself of financial burdens so you can start to live freely and give back to the world.

Then one night on Netflix I ran into a documentary called Minimalism in which they also quoted Dave Ramsey. I was intrigued by the concept so I bought their book. In it, it was about getting rid of unnecessary stuff that hold no value and rid yourself of junky (materialistically and emotionally) burdens so you can start to live freely and give back to the world.

After watching and reading that, Netflix suggested I watch a documentary called Happy where they studied people around the world to see what caused them happiness. It didn't come from riches (in fact studies show that people from affluent countries tend to be more depressed) but rather it came from living a life devoid of burdens and finding happiness in your passions, your circle of family and friends and, most importantly, giving back to the world.

Then yesterday, I was browsing through a GQ magazine in my bathroom (you already know what I was doing in there so don't ask) and there was an article about The Happiest Man Alive. He questioned our pursuits and why we pursue them when it only leads to greed because we can't get enough once we get a taste.

Ya'll...either I'm just seeing the same theme over and over because I'm looking for it or the world is sending me a message. Either way, I feel like I'm more in tune with life. I've started every morning with meditation. I've ended every night reading or watching wholesome documentaries. In between I'm working on my passions, spending time with family and exercising.

I'm happy. Like, worry-free and legit happy.

If you're not, take the journey with me towards happiness. If you know deep down that something is missing and you feel burdened, let me know. This world will consume you little by little and many of us don't realize it until we find ourselves in a muck and feeling helpless, hopeless and unhappy.

I think it's time you reclaim what's really important.

“Are we supposed to come to terms with unhappiness rather than make a genuine and intelligent attempt to untangle happiness from suffering? Happiness is a flourishing. It resides, right there, within us. But we have to find a way to free and nurture it. To quit our grasping." Matthieu Ricard dubbed The Happiest Man Alive