I didn't get pissed off today. I did something else...

A lot of you saw my post earlier about getting into a minor car accident when my car slid on the ice. I was stuck waiting for a tow truck that couldn't even get to me meanwhile the heat inside my car was starting to turn colder since the car wasn't moving. I've seen this on the news before...people freezing in the cold while waiting to be rescued. I started to worry if that just might happen to me.

Meanwhile, I was told that this area of town isn't the safest as far as crime and drugs. And in my car there are a ton of equipment that I could be robbed for. Cameras, laptops, tablets, phones, you name it.

Still..I didn't get pissed. I did something else...

I prayed.

Let me tell soon as my prayer ended, I looked down the street and I see 5 young guys walking with hoodies and sagging pants. They see my car and one of them points towards it and they start to walk towards me. But I wasn't scared. I don't know why but I didn't feel worried.

When they approached, they motioned me to roll my window down. In any other circumstance I wouldn't have but for some reason, I had this feeling of it being okay.

When I did, one of them said, "Hey man, you alright?" I told him yes and he said, "Hey...don't be freezing out here yo. If you need anything, we up at that blue house right there. Come through if you need to get warm."

Then soon as they left, no joke, my phone rang and it was my poet friend Jon Goode. He asks where I am. He didn't ask if I need anything. He just asked where I am and that he's coming to get me. That was it. 20 minutes later he gets there and got me back to the airport safe and sound.

God comes in so many different forms sometimes.

At the airport the flight kept getting delayed. I was also worried that my bro-in-law wouldn't get there in time. 3 hours later he finally made it but our second flight was still being delayed. Over and over until finally it was cancelled and we were rebooked. At the new flight, we were actually able to board and I thought, okay, I think we can still make it to our show. But then, even then we got delayed again.

But I still didn't get pissed. I did something else...

I prayed.

When we finally landed in Asheville, they lost my brother-in-law's luggage...the equipment he uses to play the music for our show. On top of that, the car I rented had low tire pressure and I had to wait in line again to exchange it for a new car cuz I'm not driving that in the snow.

But I still didn't get pissed. I did something else...

I prayed.

By the time all was said and done, it was getting dark out and everyone- even the school where I'm performing- advised that we don't make that 2 hour drive through the mountains. And even if we did, we would barely make it to our show. Instead, we just called it and I ended up grabbing a hotel in Asheville.

So to recap- I almost got stuck in the middle of nowhere. I got delayed. I missed my show. And now I'm out $3k for that performance along with the flights and hotels and rentals cars I paid for to get here in the first place. I don't even know if the rental company earlier this morning will charge me for towing. I don't even know if our show tomorrow in Spartanburg will still happen cuz schools are still closed. I don't even know what else is happening because we only have 3 shows this week and I'll be out a LOT of money if all three are cancelled.

And yet I'm still not getting pissed. I'm going to do something else.

I'm going to pray.

It's the only thing I know TO do. I've done everything else I could in my power. I've made the right calls. I've prepared myself to stay warm. I came up with plan B and C and D and E. But I know that at some point there's only so much I can do and the rest I have to just lift up in prayer.

Prayer saved me today. Prayer kept me safe and alive. Who knows why all these things are happening but right now, money is money and God is working something I may not see right now.

So I'm going to pray. You can pray with me if you want. That everyone is safe and that we get to wherever God intends us to be. You can pray that everyone is warm and that people who need help will have angels show up in their life the way they showed up in mine today.

To those guys on the street. To all the poets and friends that checked up on me. To those who I've never met except on Facebook who said I have a place to stay if I need. It reminds me of what I wrote a long time ago...that really, God isn't the one that performs miracles. People do. And it's always through those people that God works his miracles through...