I'm dope. I'm a badass. And this isn't ego or arrogance because to be those things means you also believe you're better than everyone else and that is definitely not true. I'm not the best at anything except at being me. But I tell myself I'm dope and I'm a badass because I'm acknowledging that I'm way past day one.

My friend and awesome poet Marquis Mix once told me that we can never get worse at a craft. You can't go backwards in your learning and mastering of it granted you're actually taking it seriously. Like, I can start learning how to crochet right now and by tomorrow I'll already be better at it. I'm not gonna be the best or even close to knowing what I'm doing but I'll still be better than today and there's no way I can revert to how I was when I started. Whatever job or craft you're in, if you're serious about it, "day 2 you" is always going to be better than "day 1 you."

I'm reminding myself this because right now I have to write this piece that has a very hard deadline and I know what I want to write but it's just not clicking.

So when this happens, my advice is to first get yourself into the right position (the same way a golfer or a baseball player settles into a stance). For me, it's cleaning my environment. I clean the room and the desk thoroughly so it's spotless. While cleaning, I don't put on any music or turn on the television to allow my mind to wander and I can start to get bits and pieces of ideas floating in my head. After you're in position, warm up. For athletes it might be taking a couple practice swings. For me, it's writing posts like this that doesn't have an agenda or expectations or criticism. But after all that and it's still not clicking, then maybe take a breather or rest (this doesn't mean napping or binging shows or mindlessly getting into social media arguments). It means ACTIVE meditation. Then go back to your craft and try again.  Over and over without forcing it but allowing what you already know how to do to take over.

Either way, whatever your method, constantly remind yourself that you've been here before and you've overcome this before. You've been in this same clutch situation and you've gone far enough in your journey that it's IMPOSSIBLE for you to create anything now as whack as you created on day one. So comfort yourself in knowing this...

That you're dope. And you're a badass. And you can do this because you've done it a thousand times with grace before.